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How long has STAR been around?

STAR was founded in 2010.

What are the requirements to be a member of STAR?
All STAR members must have at least 5 years of experience in their area of expertise and have a letter of recommendation from two members in good standing of STAR. You can learn more about membership requirements on the Membership page. 
What are the membership dues?
STAR has annual dues of $100. This is payable upon acceptance of membership and on your membership anniversary date every year. New members will also be assessed a one-time processing fee of $25, which includes your badge. Meeting fees are not included in the membership dues and are only charged for those meetings you attend and for any guests you wish to pay for.
What? I pay for guests to attend STAR meetings?
Yes. We ask members to help us grow by inviting potential STAR members who’ll add value to the group. Your commitment is to invite at least three people per year, and buy their breakfast or lunch. This is for first-time guests only - after their first visits, guests can register and pay for themselves.
Where do the meetings take place?
STAR has three monthly meeting locations: one in downtown San Diego at the University Club (breakfast), one in La Jolla at the Sheraton Hotel (lunch), and one in North County at the Crossings Golf Club in Carlsbad (lunch).
Can I attend any one of them?
Yes. You can attend any one or all of them. Your membership gives you universal attendance privileges.
What happens at a STAR meeting?
Our meetings are built around “table time.” Six to seven members and guests from non-competing disciplines are seated at round tables with the sole purpose of getting to know each other. Each table has an experienced facilitator to support the smooth flow of communication, allowing attendees to learn enough about their tablemates to generate follow-up meetings as appropriate. 
How many members does STAR have?
We have about 300 and are continuing to grow.
Can I promote my business at STAR?
Yes. You can learn more about sponsorship opportunities on the Sponsorship page
How is STAR governed?
STAR is organized as a nonprofit corporation with a board, officers and various committees.
Does STAR have any social activities?
Yes. STAR has social activities from time to time, ranging from casual cocktail receptions to a day at the races, etc.
If I join STAR, will I have access to a list of my fellow members?
Yes, there is a members-only section to the website that you’ll be able to visit once you’re approved as a member.
Will I have a personal profile on the STAR website?
Yes, you’ll be asked to submit a bio as part of the application process, and that will be the start of your online personal profile. 

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