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Introducing The Five Ethical “Points” of STAR

As a STAR member, I will:
  • behave with integrity and high ethical standards professionally and personally.
  • honor the mission of STAR and act with respect toward members and guests.
  • respect the time, confidentiality and privacy of STAR members and guest.
  • reply in a timely manner to all collaborative outreach requests from current and prospective STAR members.
  • work towards furthering the business and social community of San Diego while advancing myself professionally.

We believe having this formal code of ethics in place will help address behaviors such as:
  • Discrediting or disrespecting other STAR members.
  • “Over-the-top” self-promotion.
  • Table Time domination.
  • Neglecting STAR member outreach.
  • Non-collaborative behavior.
  • Discrediting member professions or any profession as a whole.

While we operate on an honor system in enforcing these ethical points, in extreme cases, the Board of Directors may choose to get involved. As such, we don’t want anyone to consider the STAR Code of Ethics as a punitive measure, but as a means to support the ethical behavior we expect of ourselves and our fellow members.


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