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Tips for Making STAR a Successful Experience for You

STAR exists to bring business professionals together to build relationships that:

In order to make STAR the most successful experience possible for you, keep these tips in mind and put them into practice whenever you have the opportunity:

1) Attend meetings regularly. Whether you choose one STAR venue as your "home base," or attend multiple STAR venues, make it a point to attend meetings regularly. People can't connect with you, learn your value, or decide to pursue a business relationship with you if they don't even recognize you.

2) Give to get. Give of your time, your knowledge and share your connections. The more you give to the group and to other members, the more you demonstrate your value and the more people will want to share that value with others - to your ultimate benefit.

3) Don't watch the clock. It takes time to create the trusting relationships that lead to referrals. While some people may get referrals right away, for most, it takes time  - six months as a bare minimum is not unusual. Also keep in mind that the more expensive your product/service or the more personal trust it requires, the longer it usually takes to get those valuable referrals.

4) Take it outside. Don't limit your interactions with STAR members to STAR meetings and events. Take the initiative and schedule one-on-one meetings with the people you met at table-time or at open networking time. Get to know these people on a deeper level to allow you to find the common threads that will encourage referrals.

It may seem cliche, but what you get out of it is what you put into it. Put some time and effort into being an active, visible STAR member and you will see results.


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